How to do a Simple Full Moon Ceremony

We are spiritual beings, whether we realise it on the daily or not. Our energy bodies are just as real and active as our physical bodies. There are times when many of us simply crave spiritual nurturing and sacred space. We are intuitive, magical creatures. For centuries we’ve been taught that it isn’t ok for us to dwell in our depths and in recent years many of us (and I think the vast majority) are, consciously or unconsciously starting to realize that in order to heal this planet it is time for us to relearn our magic and reconnect with our intuition in a much bigger way. Women in particular, are deeply connected to water… the tides that flow, our personal cycles and the moon cycles that pull us and effect us deeply, are all very connected, whether we are aware of it or not.

Beauty Rhiannon Griego of  The Ghost Dancer  sitting with the full moon. Captured by Takoda Rhoads.

Beauty Rhiannon Griego of The Ghost Dancer sitting with the full moon. Captured by Takoda Rhoads.

New and full moon rituals are a powerful and simple way to start tapping into this divinity that we all share. In this Article I am going to focus on a simple full moon ritual.

The Full moon is what it is. Full. It represents the completion of its cycle and of the month. It is the fullest manifestation of itself. The full fruit. It is a time to reap the harvest and bounty of the month. Full moon time is a time to take a moment to give thanks and acknowledge the blessings in your life. and sit quietly in gratitude for all that you have accomplished in the month… all that you have released, all that you have learned and all that you have achieved.

Gratitude is one of the most important tools and mindsets to shift your life, and the energy of the full moon amplifies this. I grew up at the beach in California, and for years watched the tides get more and more drastic as the full moon grows nearer. The full moon tides are always the most severe. The pull from the full moon literally causes the tide to hit its highest and lowest points in the whole month. So think of it this way… our bodies our made up mostly of water. If the full moon effects the tides, and all bodies of water this drastically, then we are surely going to feel it as well. Learning how to harness and use this energy is a powerful thing.


Here is a very simple but beautiful full moon ritual that will be easy to incorporate into your life. In the evening during its rise gather any pieces from your altar or home that you feel compelled to work with. This is all about using your intuition and learning to trust it. You cant do this wrong. So go look at your sacred pieces, your crystals, your stones, your feathers, whatever, and gather up the ones that are calling to you. Use at least one candle, although ten is always fun… and  I always have incense, local herbs, sage, copal, frankincense and myrrh around to smudge with or simply have to bring into the ritual as well. If you don’t know how to smudge you can learn how here. If you don’t have anything on hand to smudge with you can always use a feather. Feathers work beautifully to clear energy and all you have to do it brush yourself down with it. Also grab a little notebook and a loose piece of paper and a pen.

Set up a little quiet space where you can be alone.. if you have kids you can wait till they’re asleep so your not distracted. I recommend allowing yourself this space when you are first learning to work with this energy so you can be fully present and nurture yourself. My son is 7 now and he does these rituals with me, but sometimes I want space.. so whatever feels good to you is fine.

Sit quietly in front of your full moon altar and let yourself get grounded and quiet. Release any thoughts or angst from the day. Once your centered light your candles and smudge yourself and each item on your altar.  Envision any negative or “dusty” energy being cleared away as you do this. This is cleansing to your energy field as well as the objects you are using.


Contemplate the blessings in your life. Try to focus on ONLY the positive and inwardly give thanks. If your mind wanders just gently come back to gratitude. Let love energy and gratitude completely penetrate your being, and just sit in it for a bit… as long as you want. When your ready, get out your notebook and write these things down. Write as if your writing a love letter to the divine, great spirit or whatever you call it, but make it personal. THANK you Great Spirit for blessing me in these ways…

The full moon is also a GREAT time to release. Maybe over the past month negative behaviors or patterns have come up for you, or you had a fight with a friend or loved one, or you simply want to make some changes in your life. This is a perfect time to consciously and intentionally release these things. Write the things you want to release down, ( I am ready to release… ) on a loose piece of paper. Once you have done this simply roll it up and hold it for a minute. Infuse the paper with prayers and thanks for the lessons you have learned through these things and state that you are now ready to let them go. Then burn it. Many tribal cultures believe that smoke carries our prayers to the heavens, hence pipe ceremonies and fire rituals. As your paper burns envision the things you want to release fused with that smoke and carried away from you.

Smudge yourself again. You can end your ceremony however you feel compelled to do. Now is a time of creation and play. Within 3 days of the full moon is a great time to move if you can. Dance, do some yoga, roll around… whatever you want but move the energy in your body and just play. Paint, make a collage, draw a picture, make some jewelry. Move form an inspired place ready for new creation. Stay in a state of gratitude for all the things you just released and are now free from.   

The Full moon is also an EXCELLENT time to recharge your crystals an stones to cleanse an infuse them with renewed energy. When you are all finished with your ritual, place your stones and crystals in a bowl of water and place out under the full moon and let them charge for 1-3 nights. If its freezing  just put them in a window where the moonlight can reach them. Just don’t do this .with with selenite or it might dissolve.

I hope you find this article helpful and it can bring a little more sacredness and love into your life.

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