Creative Living | 7 Daily Rituals to Awaken and Empower You

In today’s disconnected rat race society many of us find ourselves  longing for more magic, more serendipity, more inspiration and more creativity in our lives. Adding these simple rituals into your day will enliven your Wild, reconnect you to your inner magic, empower you and bring forth the wellspring of creative living into your life.

We all begin the process before we are ready, before we are strong enough, before we know enough; we begin a dialogue with thoughts and feelings that both tickle and thunder within us. We respond before we know how to speak the language, before we know all the answers, and before we know exactly to whom we are speaking.
— Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Tara Lanich LaBrie of  The Medicine Circle

Tara Lanich LaBrie of The Medicine Circle

Remember the sacred

There is an art to living in connection and balance with the sacred. Making time for stillness and creating sacred space is your life each day is an important aspect of walking in your magical & authentic self.  Just making a point to acknowledge the beauty around you everyday is a powerful thing. Noticing the colors of the sky at sunset. Feeling the earth beneath your bare feet. Sitting near a tree and feeling the peace that it emanates. Taking time to feel the wind brush against your cheek and move through your hair. Experience the wild through your senses. It will awaken your spirit. This is a good first step to really learning to be with the sacred. You will discover the sacred in the most simple of things. Create space for daily rituals in your life like cleansing yourself in an smoke ritual first thing in the morning or evening, setting aside time for a prayer of gratitude and making an offering to the earth that holds you everyday, sitting in quiet reflection for a cup of tea or taking a moment to connect with yourself in a loving way before you meditate.


Responsibility for the Earth

We are living in a time of turmoil on this planet. We are part of a deeply traumatized species looking for healing. We are also keepers of the earth and  have the power to protect or destroy. We are creators and we are intuitive and emotional beings.  I deeply believe it is vastly important to dedicate time each day to pray for the healing of the earth and her beings. To make offerings with love to the earth under your feet and build a relationship with her. To make conscious decisions In our consumerism. We are not separate from her and we cannot thrive if she is not thriving. She is dying because the vast majority of us have lost our connection with her and have forgotten how to live. This is crucial. The healing of the planet will come through reconnection and right relationship with our mother, because we will only protect and honor what we love. It is time we all take responsibility for our part and our part of the earth. Spend time developing a relationship with the earth and the elements. Build a love for the land you walk on and earth that supports you and the plants and animals that surround you. Protect your piece and care for it. The earth is alive, and If you listen to her she will speak to you and she will teach you how to live. Honor that. It will transform your life.


Even just 10 to 20 minutes of movement whether its dance,  gentle yoga or stretching in the morning can work wonders for your body, mind and spirit.  It helps us move the energy through our bodies, helps relieve any stiffness from the previous nights sleep, helps set our mental tone for the day and helps quiet our mind.  The most beautiful and important part of this practice, regardless of what movement you choose is to bring in the breath. Remember to BREATHE through your movement, flow with your breath. Establish and nurture your breath in the morning and it will stay with you throughout your day.

Photo - Leia Layus-

Photo - Leia Layus-

We Shake The heartache from our bones, the sweat from our brow. We stomp to raise the dust. We move to awaken. We Dance to remember. We Dance to rise. We dance to stay free.
— Coco Benveniste

I am a firm believer that humans need to dance. It is a way that we honor our creative spirit and physical bodies. Its part of our innate and intuitive nature. Worlds are born from our dance. Feeling stuck? Dance. Need to manifest something? Dance. Need to move energy? Dance. Is everything going just dandy? DANCE. Dancing is a healing, earth shattering & powerful art form. I don’t care if you think your the worst dancer in the world, it doesn’t matter, because this is your sacred time remember? Put on beautiful music and move. Flow. Allow your inner goddess to come out and express. To often we stifle our spirits and don’t allow ourselves to express our true nature. This is a REALLY good way to allow that expression to come out. Even if its just for you, or the spirits, or your ancestors, or the Great Mother, or for no one in particular at all. Dance heals… past hurts, pain that we carry from our childhoods, betrayals… from others our ourselves. Dance calls in a freedom, empowerment and passion that we must reclaim. This is a great practice in the morning to start your day or in the evening to end it. If I’ve had a particularly intense or stressful  day releasing and moving that energy really  helps me process it. Again, it doesn’t take alot of time. I suggest picking an amount of time that works for you. Even if you just have 10 or 20 minutes, this ritual is sacred and will help transform you, rebirth your passions and bring more joy back into your life.



Photo - Leia Layus-

Photo - Leia Layus-

I had a hard time with this one for years, but I’ve found and developed a deep love for the practice of meditation.  There are many different forms of meditation but here I am talking about the simple practice of sitting mindfulness meditation. Just like yoga, even  just adding 10- 20 minutes of this practice into your daily life can be truly transformative. A teacher of mine once said, Spirit cant work on you or heal you if you never sit still.  This is a heart opening, abundant, love practice. To be truly empowered and in tune with your authentic nature time of breath, listening, contemplation and quiet reflection is essential.

Focus on your breath. Observe your thoughts with compassion but don’t be attached to them, let them go and return to the breath. After just quieting my mind for a bit I like to envision my love as golden light, building throughout my body and emanating out across the planet. If I need to manifest something in particular I envision that light reaching out into the farthest corners of the universe. You can find so many useful meditations online to help guide you if you are new to this. I set a timer for 20 minutes, set my intentions and then dive deep. Whether I’m just working to quiet my mind, looking for insight on something or playing with magic and manifestation, I am always glowing by the end of this practice.

Prayer, Intention & Gratitude

Reclaiming your power through prayer is massive. YOU are the creator of your reality. Once you acknowledge that small fact,  well, welcome to the magical universe.   As the creator of your reality, it would make sense to not go mindlessly  bumbling around your daily life hoping for good things to happen, or wondering why nothing is working out. Take a moment each morning, after meditation is a good time,  and set your intentions for the day. Clear any negative energy through a meditation or smoke ritual, smudging with clearing herbs or lighting incense, light a candle and take our your journal or just contemplate. What would you like to see happen today? What are you needing? What behaviors or patterns would you like to let go of today? Want to see more serendipity in your life? That one’s my favorite. Write these intentions for your day or week in your journal. When your done, visualize those things happening. Feel how you would feel if they actually just did happen, and here comes the magic part, sit in gratitude for them. Be grateful now, for the things you are calling in… gratitude is a powerful manifestation tool. Send out gratitude and the universe will bring you more to be grateful for. Also, take a moment to sit in gratitude for all the beautiful things already in your life. It is humbling, if we are stressed out, or upset about something to start counting our blessings, and then, oh yeah, life is pretty damn good. Let me just focus on that part for a minute. That’s when the blessings come pouring in. Sometimes it takes a minute, and if it does… that just means your maybe not quite getting it yet? Something else to move through real quick?  But if you stay fluid, in faith and gratitude… it always comes.

Start your day with lemon water.

With the gist of the rest of this article I know this sounds random, but I’m including this very simple morning ritual because it has potent health effects, which helps us feel our best and stay connected and centered.  Drinking warm or room temperature lemon water first thing in the morning, before coffee or tea, not only helps re hydrate your body and refresh you, it has a variety of other potent health effects to offer. Lemon water helps pump your body full of plenty of electrolytes,  is full of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C to help keep your immune system strong, it jump starts your liver, aids in digestion, boosts metabolism, reduces anxiety and depression, prevents kidney stones, revitalizes your skin and overall alkalizes the PH in your body. This is a no brainer and you can see why this simple habit can be a powerful ally, especially over time. When your body feels good and is functioning well, it translates into the rest of your life.

 Take time every day to do something you love

Life is short & life is precious. And we really are not here to just be stressed out, go to work, do all the things and wonder what our purpose is.  Our purpose is to LIVE. To experience joy. To honor the earth our beautiful home.  To come to the world from an inspired place and offer our personal gifts and our expression in our own way. How can we express our authenticity or path if we are so disconnected from our heart?  Set aside time every day, whenever you can fit in it, to do SOMETHING that YOU love, something that feeds your spirit. Pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read. Start that painting you’ve been dreaming up for two months. Take a bath…. not just a boring bath with hot water, a luxurious bubble bath with candles and flowers all around, shit, read that book IN the luxurious bubble bath!  Make pottery,  smell a rose, shoot photos, write,  make music, go for a hike, play in the ocean, take a nap, play in your garden, write poetry,  go skinny dipping, watch the sunset,  make a collage, make love, make a fucking cake … it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you LOVE it. When you do something, every single day, that you LOVE … life starts to feel pretty damn sweet. You start to find that magic you misplaced… then you have space, breath, in your experience. You are no longer in that crazy grind, you are now living from your heart.


“in the magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen” ― william s. burroughs