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written by Holly Coco Benveniste

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r e t u r n i n g

Do you remember her? The one who used to gaze upon the world with eyes of wonder and a heart full of joy? The little playful,  beautiful warrioress within you? The one you knew so well when you were a child? The one you slowly but surely cast aside as you began to age and take on responsibilities... The one you forgot about and left alone when you started noticing the ugly and hard things in the world.  You forgot her when all you could see was everything else.  Well remember  her. Shes been sitting patiently for years waiting for your return. She holds the key to all of the magic you yearn to return to. Remember to dance with her... play with her daily... your wonder, joy and wild. She is always waiting, and she will teach you how to truly live. Because she's known all along. Remember her. Protect her.

m o t h e r

Yesterday I met the great mother and she kissed me and whispered the secrets of life to my soul. and she showed me how the wind breathes her name and how the river sings her song. She showed me how she flys within the great owl and eagle and travels amongst the largest and smallest of the creatures in the sea and dances in the wild dark kelp forests. The trees sing her and the flowers bloom her. and she showed me how to see her in the eyes of a wild horse and in the blades of grass swaying in the wind. She showed me how she lives within each grain of earth below my feet, and how she is always holding me. Protecting me. Loving me. Providing for me. Offering me gifts of beauty and nourishment. I saw her body in the stars. I am all of it my daughter. Remember me... she said. Dance with me. That is how to heal the world.

Rhiannon Griego shot by Holly Rhoads

Rhiannon Griego shot by Holly Rhoads

p r a y e r s

 ….To be more present, less attached, less judgmental, kinder, more patient, gentler. To sing more, dance more, laugh more, pray more. To be more authentic.  To weave, to paint, to drum, to create, to love more. To learn to express myself in a way that can uplift and empower others. To bring more ceremony into my life. To play more. To be a better mother and wife. And  I pray that my life continues to be as blessed as it has been and that I can easily learn the lessons in store for me... 

f r e e d o m d a n c e

We shake the heartache from our bones, the sweat from our brow. We stomp to raise the dust. We move to awaken. We dance to remember. We dance to rise. We dance to stay free. 

 i n h o n o r i n g t h e s a c r e d

My place of worship does not reside in a building or church. My place of worship resides where spirit lives... My place of worship is in my own skin and in the wind. In the rocks, in the rivers, in the trees, in the dirt, in the oceans.... She is everywhere wild.


w i t h e r

Like a flower we bloom, and eventually, hopefully gracefully, we wither. But the impressions of beauty we create and  share with the world will always remain... So we must try to live from our heart, daily.


p a t h w a y s

I gather the wisdom of the ancestors I've never known. Of the tribe that never raised me. I am a mix blood abandoned and left by my people to be raised by a society that wanted to forget. I find my way regardless, through the knowing seeping up into my bare feet from the earth. The whispering spirit of a great wisdom that lies within the grains of dust for anyone who is willing to claim. Although they tried to stop it, the teachings of my great great grandmothers still pulse in my blood. And I create my own legacy. A new legacy.  I am the daughter of the earth and stars, and the great spirit tying it all together. I need no teacher. I need no guru. I am my own priestess strengthening my ability to hear the teachings and wisdom on the wind.

t r u t h

Magic happens in the cracks of the earth where the big rocks grow and play in hopes to reach the sky.

Stephanie Ortega - sitting with the moon - shot by holly rhoads

Stephanie Ortega - sitting with the moon - shot by holly rhoads

u n b i n d i n g

Sometimes I try to tame her and be proper and stay put... in angst and vain and it makes me sad, weak and restless. My heart was born wild. She needs to run barefoot in the sand and kiss the moon. She cries to me often when I forget her. Only when I remember her does she calm. Only when I allow her to dream does she smile. Only when I give her hope. Only when I unbind her wings. Only when I allow her to fly. 

l i v e f r e e

Life is sacred, beautiful, fun, wild.  Honor that. Dance, sing, have sex, blast your music, swim, hike, play, eat amazing food, drink beautiful tea, laugh, be still... live with passion and Dance in the beauty!

l e a r n i n g t o w a l k

Sometimes I think of us.. humans as .... beautiful mistakes.. searching for light. Fumbling through this reality like babies learning to walk. Not caring for the world that we dwell in. Not knowing what majesty we crawl though. Not understanding what power we carry. Not understanding our heritage. With our faces to the ground we stumble on. Trying to explain the world to ourselves so we feel safer. Telling stories. We believe them so deeply. But what would happen... if we just took a moment to be still. Observe those beings around us that know how to live. The flowers, the trees, the animals. And tried to be more like the beautiful sun. Still, warm, watching. Full of light. We have teachers all around us. We have guides at every turn. Listen. 

b l o o m

Moments pass.And love rises like the full moon over a dark and brilliant earth. Lighting for us the valleys we must trudge through and the cliffs we must climb to find our way home on the mountain peak where we truly belong. But we are tempted to stop and wait for someone stronger, braver and smarter. Someone to lead us.

And even when we stop to see what surrounds us, Love fills us like a rose at its fullest bloom.

And we can walk on. And we can find strength.

There is no one else coming to lead us home.    

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

a l l f o r y o u

You are a loved one. Whether you choose to believe this or not. The entire magical universe conspires in your favor. Every flower blooms for you. Every bird sings for you. The sun shines just for you dear one. And you have the greatest gift. The gift to perceive beauty. Truly. You are a loved one.

Coco Benveniste is a writer, mother and mystic.

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