Holiday Gift Guide | Artisan Made, Ethical & Sustainably Created Gifts

The Holiday season is upon us and as the gift buying begins I thought it would be helpful to put together a little guide of some of my favorite artisan, sustainably produced and ethical brands to support this year. These small sustainable companies offer goods that will make beautiful and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones this year.

Wao Tea

Sustainably Harvested & Ethically Sourced Ceremonial Teas


Sustainably Harvested Tea

By drinking tea, we are being reminded that we are one with Nature, and all of the elements before us, within us and beyond us.

Jade consciously selects and curates her tea leaves directly from ancient tea gardens, in the most remote and sacred tea plantations, where only the tea trees of the highest vibration grow. Her tea leaves are cultivated and harvested in a traditional sustainable way, with love and respect for nature, the land where it grows and all of the people involved in the process.

I love these beautiful ceremonial grade teas for cultivating my Tea and meditation practice.


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La Abeja Herbs

Sustainably Crafted & Socially Conscious Beauty, Ritual & Herbal medicines


La Abeja’s medicines are made by hand, in small batches, in a way that all of our ancestors would recognize.  Our formulae are elegantly simple and remarkably effective. Each remedy is inspired by the plants themselves and offered humbly to you on your journey in hopes that it will bring you closer to yourself and to the land.

True reciprocity sits at the center of all that we do, because healing is not just personal, it is political and also planetary. We donate a percentage of all revenue to BIPOC-led organizations and groups doing work at the intersection of social and environmental justice. When you order medicine from our apothecary, you’re making a valuable contribution to a culture of mutual flourishing and respectful reciprocity. 


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Tres Nomad

Sustainably Produced | Slow Fashion


Très Nomad is an exciting, new “slow fashion” company - women owned and operated - based in Sausalito, California.  All styles are tailor-made-to-order and cut and sewn with high-quality, 100% natural silk charmeuse.  We over-dye all pieces by hand, which means every style is color customizable.  Très Nomad supports mindful consumption. We practice a less-is-more ethos that values sustainability over waste, quality over quantity, and timelessness over trends. 


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Carole Neilson Ceramics

Beautiful & Timeless Handcrafted Ceramics to beautify your home


One of my all time favorite Ceramic artists, Carole Neilson creates stunning pottery reminiscent of the earth it is derived from.

She comes from Alsace in North of France, a region that has a strong tradition of rural pottery, a tradition that goes back more then 2000 years.
Her work has always been influenced by the functionality and utility of the pieces.
Through the years, she has created several themes, some playful characters, some mysteriously formed from earthen reflections, smoked in layers of sawdust. 
Carole is passionate with clay, which has opened up limitless possibilities inside her imagination.


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Vedic Astrology Reading by Danielle Bertoia

Carbon free | Experiential gift


Sometimes experiential gifts are the best kind. If your shopping for someone who is a total minimalist or you just cant figure out what to gift them, this could be a great and meaningful option! Every year I gift myself a distance Vedic reading in the form of a yearly forecast with Danielle Bertoia and every year I am blown away by her accuracy and insight. Danielle offers distance session over Skype or the phone which makes it a great gift regardless of where you live.


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The Wylde

Ethically Manufactured & Sustainably Produced Slow Fashion for the Modern Woman


THE WYLDE is an eco conscious and sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand designed for the Modern Woman. Born through the passion to bring life to clothing that is not just for profit, but is equally focused on the impact we can make to redefine the values of fashion through sustainable manufacturing and design.

Founded by Australian designer, photographer and artist Lucette Romy, THE WYLDE launched in October of 2016 and offers a collection of eco conscious and sustainable pieces carefully crafted from natural and raw materials.  As the earth intended, methods of THE WYLDE sustainable design practices include using certified organic textiles, natural plant dyes and ethical manufacturing.


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Gaia Conceptions

Sustainably handmade with Organic fabrics and Natural  dyes 


Our goals at Gaia Conceptions are to ensure our clothing materials and production methods are rooted in sustainability and our garment designs are beautiful, comfortable, and highly versatile.



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Catori Life Jewelry

Ethically Made in the US & Socially Conscious 


Obviously I’m going to include my collection here too :)

Catori Life was created to honor, nurture and empower the soul of a woman and the soul of the earth. Catori is a collection of adornments dreamed, designed and created by Holly Coco Rhoads. She aims to weave a fabric of inspiration and love through her creations and stories. Her pieces are ethically made in the USA using sustainably sourced and recycled metals.

For every piece of  bronze jewelry sold we gratefully plant 30 trees through our partnership with The Eden Projects. Our mission is to recreate healthy forest systems that restore hope alleviate suffering, empower people and build local economies in impoverished communities.



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 Stay posted and check back as we will update this list as we discover more sustainable and ethical brands!

with love,